Foundation/BB & CC Creams

Our busy schedules demand that we look our best all the time…and we want to look great. The good news is that there are multiple solutions to tackle this demand…foundations, BB creams and CC creams are some of the real heroes that come to our rescue regardless of our skin tone or skin type. Many foundations, BB creams and CC creams bring SPF protection and are formulated for oily skin as well as all skin types. Confused about the differences between foundations, BB creams and CC creams? Here are some helpful definitions:
Makeup foundation: create the ultimate makeup look, as its name suggests, they are the base and designed for full coverage of blemishes and imperfections and evens skin tone.
BB creams: stands for Beauty Balm, are lighter than a foundation and also have moisturizing effects.
CC creams: stand for color correct creams and are slightly lighter than BB creams and provide coverage to a fair complexion similiarly to foundations.