Do you know your skin tone and undertone? Understanding your diverse skin tone can save you frustration and money when buying makeup, especially foundations. Your skin’s undertone is the main element of mystery here…we’ve all heard the terms cool, warm or neutral. These undertones are the colors beneath your skin tone, which has nothing to do with our skin’s color or complexion, whether it is fair, olive or dark. People of all skin tones can have any of these undertones. So, what does this mean? Here are some helpful definitions:

      Cool:Skin appears pink, rosy or with a hint of blue

      Warm:Skin appears yellowish, pale, golden or peachy

      Neutral:Has no obvious cast of yellow, pink or sallow skin

 If your skin appears gray or a bit ashen you might have olive skin (combination of warm and neutral undertones). If your foundation makes your skin look ashen, it has too much pink…move towards shades with neutral, golden or yellow pigments.

Choosing the right type of makeup for your skin type will help you attain a beautiful natural makeup look...