Want to benefit from your skincare routine? Women with diverse skin tones often have different skincare needs, but it’s hard to tell which ones work. Before investing in products to use in our skincare routine, it's helpful to understand the order in which we apply them. Do you have skincare information overload? An easy way to remember is to start with the most liquid one, which is often rich in ingredients that penetrate your skin, like antioxidants or hyperpigmentation treatments. Lastly, apply the thickest one, which is usually the face moisturizer. In the morning, apply products that protect your skin against sun and pollution: start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser before you take a shower and then apply toners, vitamin c serums, eye cream, dark spot remover, moisturizer and sunscreen protection. Have you heard that we need at least 8 hours of “beauty sleep”? It's true, the skin repairs at night. A nighttime routine should include treatments and products to revitalize your skin and keep it well hydrated. Start with a cleansing oil to remove your makeup, wash your face with warm water and do a quick second cleanse with any type of cleanser suitable for your skin type to effectively remove any dirt or makeup remnants. Apply a toner, essence and treatment serums. Your last step is to use a heavier moisturizer than what you used in the morning and anti-aging cream. Remember, the key to having beautiful skin is to keep it well hydrated and this also includes your neck!