Skin Type

Why does it matter what skin type you have?  Understanding the different skin types and which one you have will help you choose the right products for maximum efficacy in cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin. Choosing the right products for your skin not only applies to your skincare, but also to your makeup… remember our skin is the largest organ we have and it absorbs anything we put on in it…
Normally your skin type is determined by your genetics, but our habits and environmental factors can impact your existing condition, like breakouts for instance. Each skin type requires special attention and a specific beauty routine… People of all skin tones can have any of these skin types. So, what does this mean? Here are some helpful definitions:
Combination skin: dry and flaky on certain parts of the face and excessive oil on others like the T-zone
Dry skin type:  feels uncomfortable and tight and sometimes can look a bit dull and can be very irritable
Oily skin type: face often looks shiny and prone to acne breakouts