About us

Nature:21 honors a woman's uniqueness that is all her own, inside and out.  We'll do our best to bring you natural and other beauty products that we feel have exceptional quality and that work for olive, tan or yellow-toned or under-toned skin.


So, what's the "21" mean?  21 represents freedom and independence; a time when we start coming into our own.  We're healthy, energetic and hopeful about our future. The Nature:21 woman is kind, smart, beautiful and real (mixed with a little sass and maybe a touch of stubborn).  


Lynda and Soledad met in college and remained life-long friends. Both have been successful in their careers, but wanted to focus on helping women celebrate their uniqueness, no matter where they come from...and that's how Nature:21 Blvd was born.  


Join us on our road to natural beauty!


- Lynda Lee & Soledad Cordova -