PATYKA's Natural Skin Care History

Paris 1922: The France of the Roaring 20s is experiencing an unprecedented cultural and artistic development. Paris sees the emergence of the first creations of perfumes and cosmetics. In this creative effervescence, a Parisian apothecary of genius formulates an elixir with essential and vegetable oils which quickly becomes the beauty secret of Parisian women. Huile Absolue was born.

Since then, PATYKA cultivated its inheritance and developed a unique expertise in green chemistry and biotechnology. PATYKA was the first brand in the world to be certified organic (Ecocert) and brings a unique vision of beauty, where efficiency, ethics and aesthetics are inseparable. As pioneers, PATYKA creates the first cosmetic and anti-aging cares that are high-end and certified organic. Their exceptional skin care, which sensorial textures and precious fragrances immerse you into a world of elegance and refinement, inviting you into the luxury of a mastered and fulfilling moment.

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