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Free Shipping on all orders over $35

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  • New Skincare from IDUN Minerals

    New Skincare from IDUN Minerals

    Discover IDUN Minerals, a Swedish beauty brand committed to clean and effective products, perfectly aligned with Nature:21 Blvd's dedication to offering diverse women the finest clean beauty options. Embrace inclusivity with a wide range of shades infused with highly purified minerals. As a conscious beauty brand, IDUN Minerals focuses on local production, transparency, vegan formulations, and reducing their environmental impact. With prestigious awards and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, IDUN Minerals is synonymous with high-quality clean beauty. Experience the wonders of their skincare line, from the gentle Mineral Cleansing Face & Eye Lotion to the radiant Mineral Smoothing Face Scrub. Achieve sun protection and light coverage with the Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30. Join the IDUN Minerals journey and embrace the power of clean beauty that celebrates diversity and nurtures your skin and the planet.
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  • Fall into Breathable Skin - 4 Easy Steps

    Fall into Breathable Skin - 4 Easy Steps

    After the stagnating intense heat of summer, it's time to assess the damaging toll it took on your face and neck. Raise your hand if you've collected sunspots, dry patches, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, more than usual clogged pores and...

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  • I'm afraid to touch anything!

    I'm afraid to touch anything!

    As COVID 19 has required us to be careful being in public places and interacting with people, what can you do at home to mitigate the potential for bad bugs getting into your system? Washing your hands with soap and...

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  • how do I define which skin tone do I have?

    Our Skin Tone Colors

    If you’re tired of wasting money on the wrong foundation or other makeup shades, understand the different terminology related to skin color and your chances of nailing the right shade will improve dramatically. There are two elements to understanding our...

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  • Who Needs a Man for Passion?

    Who Needs a Man for Passion?

    In recent months, there have been many headlines regarding women and their workplace, which makes me think about how much things have changed in the past decade. Despite all the positive momentum, there’s still much to be done for women...

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  • Embracing Who You Are Without Limits

    Embracing Who You Are Without Limits

    Beautiful - Authentic - Self-Made - Fierce = BAMF  Created by Dr. Christine Thuy Huo @christine_cth, BAMF @we_bamf is a peaceful community of women from different professions, ages, ethnicities and passions as you can see from the photo. I wanted to...

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