A daily moisturizer is like beauty first aid to protect your skin on your face, ears, neck and chest from environmental damage. Men and women who incorporate moisturizers into their skincare routine at an early age, reap the benefits of beautiful complexions and fewer wrinkles when they're older. The most important times to use moisturizer is after a bath, shower or exfoliation. Applying face moisturizer twice a day brings much needed hydration to your skin, reducing the possibility of developing skin conditions like dryness or oiliness. Both conditions can potentially cause acne breakouts. Hydrated skin remains healthy and capable of regenerating skin cells faster, leaving you with a glowing complexion. The benefits of a moisturizer are many, but how do we find the best moisturizer? That depends if you need a moisturizer for dry, combination or oily skin. Regardless, get double duty by using a moisturizer with SPF protection against harmful UV rays,otherwise known as wrinkle guard.