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Dynamic Duo Offer - 40% OFF - Purchase ANY 2 items - code Love23

Main Steps on Your Skincare Routine

Much has been said about a daily skincare routine, and especially the number of steps. However, this depends on your skin type and/or condition. Nature:21 Blvd’s brands contain formulas responsibly developed using naturally derived ingredients combining essential oils, vitamins, and minerals among others. These brands stand out because their production approach includes techniques that omit any suspected harmful ingredients and tapping natural sources. This approach makes them not only good for us, but also beneficial for “mother earth”. 

By mixing and matching these products we can suggest a daily routine: 

Cleanser:  Start your morning with a nice warm shower or  bath, and gently  apply a face cleanser designed for your skin type. There are many benefits of using a facial cleanser, to name a few: frees skin of excess oil, dead skin cells and of any debris that might cause the clogging of pores. The most important is if applied properly it helps with the skin’s circulation which has the added benefit to boost your skin radiance.

Essences & Serums: Two heroes in the skincare routine…both have concentrated formulas of active ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin. Apply them as needed, depending on the skincare concern you would like to tackle such as dehydrated skin, reducing signs of fatigue (after a long night of studying or working, your complexion can look dull and tired), refining pores (as a result of acne), smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the look of uneven skin tones and preparing the skin for makeup. 

Moisturizer: Maintain your skin’s balance by applying the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type while your skin is still damp. We all need moisturizers regardless of our skin type. Moisturizers provide protective coverage against outside conditions, preventing dryness in cold or hot weather, air conditioning or indoor heat and adding to your skin much needed hydration. Moisturizers also slow the signs of aging, and soothes your skin. 

Eye Cream: You might ask yourself, is eye cream really necessary? The answer is definitely, YES! The sooner we start using eye cream, the longer we will enjoy its benefits with younger looking eyes. It is common knowledge that squinting can activate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because the skin around the eyes is more fragile than any other part of our bodies.  So, it’s not just about your favorite pair of sunglasses during bright summer or winter days to protect the skin around your eyes, but it’s also about making sure you apply an eye cream at least twice a day. 

Sunscreen: A must! Regardless of the time of the year, this is a very important step during your daily routine, and it should be the last one…try to look for a formula that apart from providing the UVA and UVB protection, that it also moisturizes your skin and provide the daily hydration while protecting your skin. 

Finalize your routine with makeup….step out into the world with your gorgeous skin and self! 

Over the weekend, consider applying a hydrating face mask that will help you with your skin concerns. You might ask why are face masks important, and the simple answer is they help hydrate your skin, remove unwanted impurities and provide a relaxing experience, sort of like going to a spa, but you get it right at home.