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Dynamic Duo Offer - 40% OFF - Purchase ANY 2 items - code Love23
Dynamic Duo Offer - 40% OFF - Purchase ANY 2 items - code Love23

Hydrate Your Skin

Do you know the secret to beautiful, flawless, and ageless skin?  Hydration! With so many skincare products with unclear benefits, jumbled with confusing marketing jargon, choosing the right skincare products can seem overwhelming. There’s no such a thing as “one-size fits all” or a single step in your skincare routine that magically results in beautiful skin. Selecting products that work for you will depend upon your skin type, age, complexion, skincare concern, and your environment

Tips to get the most out of your skincare products

  • Identify what your skin needs and choose products with ingredients that fit your skin’s issue(s). Don't get caught up in whether it's a toner, serum or essence.
  • Choose a texture that suits your skin type and what feels good on your skin. Try out different consistencies to see what you like and which ones your skin reacts to positively.
  • Apply the most watery or liquid product first and the thickest and richest one last.

There really are a wide array of products, but here are staples we recommend for your vanity box:  toners, serums, essences and ampoules. They might serve similar purposes, but each product have the function of adding “layers” of active ingredients to hydrate and help with skincare concerns.

Facial Toners: Toner is used after cleansing to remove any remaining residue from the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells, restoring the skin’s pH balance, and providing a soothing effect. General benefits: Help preparing the skin for the rest of the skincare routine; Hydrates the surface of the skin;Reduces the appearance of pores

Facial Essences:  Skin essences are lighter in weight, less concentrated than serums, and applied after a toner to add another layer of hydration, which is especially needed when your skin is dehydrated. General benefits: Adds moisture to the skin from deep within; Rehydrates the skin cells with a water- or gel-like consistency; Due to their lightweight consistency, sensitive skin is less prone to redness and or irritation.

Facial Serums: Serums contain a combination of active ingredients such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which are key to addressing specific skin issues such as dryness, dark spots, fine lines, discoloration, dullness, and wrinkles. These active ingredients are usually more concentrated than in moisturizing creams or essences. Serums are a bit thicker in consistency and more effective in hydrating the skin as they add an extra moisturizing layer to the skin. General benefits;Contains concentrated active ingredients to address specific skincare concerns; Penetrates deep in the skin, taking less time to see visible results; Improves skin’s complexion, reducing signs of fatigue.

Ampoules: Face Ampoules are less known than Serums or Face Essences. In short, an ampoule is a potent concentration of a select ingredient meant to use for a short period as a booster. It is more powerful than a serum with similar consistency. General benefits: Contains highly concentrated active ingredients to address specific skincare concerns; Deeply moisturizes dry skin; Used to tackle skincare crisis.