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Who Needs a Man for Passion?

Who Needs a Man for Passion?

In recent months, there have been many headlines regarding women and their workplace, which makes me think about how much things have changed in the past decade. Despite all the positive momentum, there’s still much to be done for women and particularly minority women. Having said so, I see inspiring women today who are unapologetic and are who they are, always pursuing their dreams with a smile on their faces and disregarding the negativity that invariably comes their way.

On that note, I came across a couple of interviews, which I found inspiring. Two women in the entertainment industry: Gabrielle Union and Emilia Mendieta making their way in different roles, yet both are unwittingly creating a blueprint for other women, regardless of industry.

 The silver lining in these interviews is to not be afraid to change directions, be bold, and proud of your accomplishments, which we know for women and minorities are hardly recognized. It’s sort of like "expected" of us to perform and give 120% in all we do. We don’t need external recognition; we need to recognize ourselves daily for who we are and remember to pay attention to those little surprises and aha moments and be open for what they might bring. At first, it might seem like a lot of twists and turns to reach our destination, but the focus should be the journey and all we learn in the process. Get involved in many activities, touch others with the essence of your beautiful being, share your passions.

 And remember…what’s important is to stay true to yourself and as long as you do that, life will show you the steps to take, so you can get your own voice, in whatever you choose to do. Follow your dreams and don’t give up! Ever!!

 Check out these amazing interviews for some inspiration…

All the Reasons Why “We’re Going to Need More Wine” Interview with Gabrielle Union

 Changing the Cinematography Landscape: Interview with Emilia Mendieta,

*Photo credit: Laura Hunter Drago

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