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Embracing Who You Are Without Limits

Embracing Who You Are Without Limits

Beautiful - Authentic - Self-Made - Fierce = BAMF 

Created by Dr. Christine Thuy Huo @christine_cth, BAMF @we_bamf is a peaceful community of women from different professions, ages, ethnicities and passions as you can see from the photo. I wanted to roll around in my memories of the day to share my thoughts as it sank deeply how vulnerable and strong we women are in our walk in life. The one thing we collectively share is a desire to be who we are, without the stereotypes, expectations or limitations because someone is trying to conform us into their ideals. The setting was inside an adorable boutique, CocoRose, surrounded by all things girly and flirty. Each of us taking in the stories shared by courageous women who are stepping out in faith to pursue their respective dreams. Stories of boxing gear for women, healing with infrared heat, organizing our lives, focusing on a healthier lifestyle by teaching women how to stay fit and eat well (she gained 70 pounds in college and found the determination to lose it in a healthy way), pursuing active wear for all body types from two lovely young women, and a young mother of five who had given birth just two weeks earlier who looked like she just stepped out of a fashion shoot. And of course, we engaged in a little retail therapy. Our Youth to the People and Thank You Farmer products were the hit of the day.

I had an opportunity to speak with Christine's Mother who has been fighting her own health issues, but you would never know it by talking with her. It's easy to see where Christine gets her positive spirit. All her Mother wanted for her special daughter was to be happy (and to bring a wonderful man into her life). Yes, we Moms want that for our children; to share their lives with a loved one. It makes the transition of letting go much easier.  I met so many amazing women who were unapologetically pursuing their dreams and I look forward to hearing more about their journeys. Thank you Christine for bringing us together for such a special event! I hope you continue to bring women together to share their stories because it helps all of us understand that we are not alone in our pursuit of what makes us authentically content and happy.  Be natural, do you!

- Hugs,

Lynda Lee

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