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Why is Nature:21 Blvd so special?

Why is Nature:21 Blvd so special?

You make us special!  Sometimes words don't tell a story quite like a video. We wanted to show that the Nature:21 Blvd woman is a beautiful mix of skin tones from many different cultures. Last spring, I visited my alma mater, Arizona State University's cinematography class. I liked the symmetry of partnering with up-and-coming professionals with our up-and-coming e-beauty place. In search of a group of aspiring future cinematographers, we met David Ball who owns David Ball Entertainment, LLC. David produced our video, along with a crew and cast noted here. Much like running a business, I could never have imagined the infinite number of details that goes into a video shoot! David was an excellent listener and delivered a video that showed the diversity of Nature:21 Blvd. The cast is a great example of the beauty of young professional women. Soledad and I have worked for large corporations and organizations, and the professional, competent and confident women have a greater chance for success. You don't want your makeup and clothes introducing you first.

Soledad, Co-Founder, and I went back and forth about the missing piece in the beauty industry. We both agreed that we wanted to focus on more natural products and we fell in love with the Indie brands like HAN Skincare and Cosmetics and Thank You Farmer. These guys are driven by an internal passion for quality and the environment, not just the bottom line. We also wanted to offer Korean beauty products. My family immigrated to the U.S. when I was 6 from South Korea and from my view, their skincare products are more innovative than mainstream prestige and luxury brands in the U.S. Soledad grew up in Ecuador and I met her in college in the States; she was earning her masters in Economics while I was earning my undergrad in Business. We became instant friends. Soledad is one of the smartest people I know and one of the kindest too.

Growing up, we didn't have YouTube teaching us which products worked for our skin tones; we had to do it the old fashioned way, trial and error. Beauty stores didn't and still don't know how to match foundation to our skin tones. We want to be your e-beauty place to meet your unique and varying skin tones, whether it is olive, tan, yellow or somewhere in between. A friend of mine asked if a gringa could shop in our store...absolutely! My sister-in-law is Caucasian and has yellow undertones. She was struggling to find a foundation that matched her skin and Thank You Farmer's and Missha's BB Cream worked perfectly for her.

You have our commitment to always bring you products that we have researched and love. We are here to serve you and we hope our products put a smile on your face when you open your package that we put together with a personal touch...I call it my happy place.

Most importantly, I want to thank our followers and brands who supported us when we introduced Nature:21 Blvd. I cannot deny how utterly frightening it was to open our proverbial doors to everyone, wondering if you would like what we have to offer. Your positive feedback through kind words, testing, following, liking, sharing, photos and purchasing have been like warm hugs of affirmation. I will forever be grateful to our first beauty blogger @beauty_unplugged for trying our products and being so kind. Please let us know how we're doing and what you'd like to see in our store at THANK YOU!!!



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