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Why Is It So Hard to Find the Right Foundation Shade?

Why Is It So Hard to Find the Right Foundation Shade?

Finding the right shade of foundation can seem like searching for the Holy Grail. However, we can narrow down the possibilities by understanding our skin tone, which can be determined by whether our skin is more flattering with cool or warm colors. If you're not sure, have a handful of different colored sheets and grab your best friend to give you honest feedback.  

Put a blue color (any color with more bright, blue hues), like the photo above, next to your face.  If your face lights up, you are more cool toned.  If your face lights up when you have more yellow-based or olive colors, you are more warm toned.  You'll tend to appear more washed out if the color doesn't flatter your skin tone.

We love Vapour Organic Beauty's Luminous Foundation sticks. It won Allure's Best of Beauty Award in 2013, Jones Magazine's Best in Beauty (Ethnic) and a handful of other awards.  Vapour Organic Beauty made it easy to follow the shades based on your skin tone.  Pink or neutral undertones work better for cool toned skin while yellow, olive or  neutral undertones work best with warm skin tones.  The stick foundation is super easy to use and we recommend getting 2 shades and mixing it for the perfect match, especially since our skin color changes with the seasons. It will even out your skin tone and is lightweight and breathable.  It's organic to boot!  If you want a softer look, add a pump of Vapour Organic Beauty's Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector Primer.  

Adding a BB cream like the ones from Thank You Farmer or Missha or Thank You Farmer's CC cream are another great way to get the right shade by mixing it in with your foundation.  Both of these contain SPF to protect you from sun damage.  These BB creams contain a hint of gray hues that helps balance out any skin tone, especially for yellow undertones.  Thank You Farmer's CC Cream will illuminate and brighten your face with shimmering goodness. Who wouldn't want that!

It doesn't matter whether you are Asian, Latina, African-American or Caucasian.  We all have unique skin tones. Don't think that a K-Beauty BB cream only works well on Asians, because skin tone isn't determined by our nationality.

Nature:21 Blvd picked out foundations, BB and CC Creams, and primers that are simple and easy to use...all with exceptional quality.  We know you're busy, which is why we source products that make your skin look flawless, naturally.

- Lynda

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