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The Power of Makeup 

The Power of Makeup 

     “Why do you take so long to get ready?” This is a common question that I and many other women get badgered with on the day-to-day. Makeup and cosmetics in general is something many women rely on to cover up dark circles from sleepless nights, or red discoloration from stubborn acne or just for plain fun. Makeup is seen as a tool that allows women to feel more confident and beautiful from the outside. A sharp winged eyeliner or a bold red lip gives women a new found confidence.  Feeling beautiful on the outside can be a great stepping stone to how we really feel on the inside about ourselves. 

   Personally, I have always viewed makeup as something slightly different. I don't view makeup as a means to an end. I don't simply put on mascara to make my eyelashes darker, but I view makeup as an art. Each day I am given a blank canvas and can express myself in a variety of different ways. And I take full advantage of the blank canvas that I was given. Makeup isn't about impressing others or a tool to manage insecurity. It is about loving yourself and expressing yourself in whatever ways that makes you, YOU. 

   Nikki Tutorials, a popular youtube personality started the power of makeup trend. Inspiring women not to feel shameful for loving makeup, but encourages women to embrace what they love. I am hopping on this trend but am adding a slight twist. I love makeup, but what’s better than makeup? Clean, good for you makeup. And that is where the true power of makeup and science comes to play. If you read any typical label in cosmetics, you will be confronted with challenging chemical sounding words, long ingredient lists and confusion. If we saw this on our children’s food label, we would immediately put it back on the shelf. So why is makeup, something that enters our largest organ any different? These brands such as HAN, Supergoop! and Vapour Organic Beauty (just to name a few) strive to transform your next blank canvas using top quality ingredients that actually not only improve your next makeup look, but your overall skin health. Now, that is truly the power of makeup. Stay glamourous. 

- Siena 

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