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Its Time to “Tone” Up

Its Time to “Tone” Up

Working in a mass cosmetics store for some time, it surprised me how skincare took a backseat compared to cosmetics. When I would ask people what they were using in their skincare routine, many would say “nothing” and think nothing of it. Many would rather cover up their skin with makeup rather than fix the problem at the source. Just as exercise is important for the body, and vegetables are good for nutrients, skincare is necessary for protecting the largest organ covering our bodies. 

Proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy helps keep this barrier strong. As we age, skin is prone to dryness which leads to cracks and tears. Cracks in the skin make a person more prone to infection. Now these are just the simple health benefits of skincare. But also, good skin makes even better looking makeup. Which is one of my main motivations to maintain my skincare rituals. 

One of my favorite products in my skin care routine is toner. Toners are often over looked because many do not understand the importance behind them. Moisturizers and oils are made up of large molecules. These molecules are so large that the pores cannot absorb them without help. Toners open the pores and allow for the serums and moisturizers  that you are putting on your skin  to be absorbed. So, if your skin is absorbing the products, you will see better results even faster. My personal favorite is the Thank You Farmer True Water Serum Toner (what a mouthful), any skin type can use this and really smooths and softens the skin. Try it for yourself! 

Just note that skin care is a very personal experience. So go ahead and “tone” up for yourself! 

- Siena Storino

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