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In the driver seat of your Skin Care routine...

In the driver seat of your Skin Care routine...

You are in the driver's seat!! Create your own skin care routine by choosing the right products for your skin type.

In the last couple of years, we have seen people becoming more conscious about their eating habits, eliminating foods that are unhealthy, like sugar, and incorporating in their diets, fruits, vegetables, lots of water and exercise.

Likewise, people are becoming much more aware about the type of products they put on their faces and bodies, which includes women and men in this trend. For years, people focused only on trying to eat healthy, forgetting that our skin is the largest living organ of our body, and as such fulfills the important functions of protecting our body from external elements and retaining sufficient water to prevent dehydration. For long, we neglected this important organ and use products that contained some components that do not have a positive impact in our bodies in the long run.

Some studies ( already show that some chemicals used in certain products can cause disruption in hormonal levels, particularly in adolescents, and even a short lapse of not using them, can have a positive impact.

For many years, fruit extracts have been used in the production of shampoos and bath products. Nowadays these extracts along with vegetable and root extracts are used more and more in skin care products targeting the face, neck and eye area for their high content of vitamins, natural acids, oils and anti-oxidants. These ingredients help the skin get all the nutrients it requires to protect itself from the daily wear and tear. This is due to the fact that the absorbed vitamins and anti-oxidants help to improve the natural immunity of the skin cells and positively impact the regenerative process, preventing aging and prolonging a youthful appearance.

@nature 21blvd, strives to bring you products that are rich in these natural ingredients and free from synthetics and parabens. Remember…do not be at the passenger’s seat when defining your skin care routine, take the initiative and you are in the driving seat to choose the right kind of products for your skin type and have positive long lasting effect…

In the next couple of days on our Instagram @nature21blvd and Facebook posts, we will share a sample of the products out of our collections that we believe have the best ingredients.

- Soledad Cordova

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