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Do these 3 things to avoid Maskne (Mask + Acne)

Do these 3 things to avoid Maskne (Mask + Acne)

I can’t tell you how many blemished cheeks I’ve encountered from men and women wearing masks for hours at a stretch. Anyone else getting bumps along the cheeks?  Around your jawline? It’s not the usual kind of acne, it’s much worse! Breathing and releasing moist air caused by your trapped breath that’s begging to be released can cause your skin major irritation. We’re not dermatologists, but we’ve done our homework, tested our findings and found 3 key things you can do to minimize breakouts...

  1. Type of Mask - Try several different kinds of masks that fit your face shape the best, but still offers you protection against bad things from getting past your mask. Try on the mask to see which one allows you to breathe easier. Follow CDC guidelines and make sure you’re covering your nose and mouth properly.
  2. Cleaning Masks - Change out your mask periodically throughout the day. Try changing it every 2 hours to start and see if that helps. Have you smelled your mask after wearing it for awhile? We’re betting you wouldn’t want your date to smell it. All that sweat and bacteria is imbedded in your mask.  Wash your masks daily. Ask yourself, would I wear dirty underwear? (Hint, you should be making that face that says, I just threw up in my mouth a little).
  3. Adjusting Skincare Routine - Resist the urge to scrub your face and clean it raw, that will just aggravate your skin and possibly make it worse. Use gentle cleansers and toners. Skip the moisturizer where your masks sits on your face as it will increase the humidity level in your mask. Spot treat your acne only at night and use a lighter moisturizer, include the back of your ears that can chaff from the bands.  Since no one can see your beautiful face, skip the foundation, blush and lipstick…focus on your eyes.
Have fun with masks and find one that reflects your style!


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