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SIGMA - 3DHD™ Blender

por Sigma


Inspired by the angles of the best-selling 3DHD® brushes, the edges, flat surfaces and points help you achieve seamless all-over coverage with ease. Function: Precise application and blending of liquids, creams and powders

Use it as directed for maximum results. You will optimise your creams and powders with this little wonder! 


Reach your every edge and contour with unique angles designed to prime, conceal, sculpt and highlight with any formula for flawless skin.

Apply your favorite complexion product with a stippling or blending motion
Coverage: Sheer to medium

To Use:
1. Wet 3DHD™ Blender
2. Squeeze to remove excess water
3. Use damp sponge to apply and blend products onto the skin

To Clean:
1. Thoroughly wet 3DHD™ Blender
2. Apply 1-3 pumps SigMagic® Brushampoo™
3. Squeeze to lather
4. Rinse well under warm, running water
5. Repeat until water runs clear


Unique Feature: Blending sponge with 3DHD® angled edges. Latex free.